Science Based Tips Web Design London Companies Use To Attract Customers

There is proof that you can base web design on actual brain science. Web design London companies have translated some of these facts into tips for attracting and retaining customers. The tips are based on the fact that the frontal lobe of the brain is responsible for logic, planning, short term memory and cognition.

Reading Order tendencies

There reading tendency of people is well established. The readers’ attention is highest at the top on content and bottom of the page. Readers scan quickly at the top, skim through the middle and read with more attention at the end. Therefore, in designing navigation of your website, put the important information at the start and the end of your web page. The short term memory of the brain will remember this. The frontal lobes of the brain will keep information for a short time. Thus, create few clutter-free items.

Language and simplicity

Simple descriptions and labels in navigation pages draw more interest among website visitors. Avoid long sentences and fancy words. Use language that is comfortable for people with lower literacy levels.

Capitalize on Group mentality

People feel safer when they are in large numbers. Besides, risk averseness reduces significantly as more people join the fray. Therefore, demonstrate that people are choosing your website or product. Web design London companies include client testimonials and reviews to demonstrate this. You can use social media widgets to show following and reveal endorsements as well. In addition, you can use other value judgment techniques such as trust seals like memberships in association and security certificates.

Packaging Gains and Pains

The human mind tends to overvalue losses and undervalue gains. Therefore, in web design, emphasize on the cost customers will incur if they do not use your product. Lump costs together to magnify them and split gains. Show your customers that if they don’t come today, they will miss out on the product. Emphasize on immediate gains people stand to gain by using your product.